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Five Tips for Swallowing Safely with Dysphagia

Did you know that in addition to helping people communicate, speech-language pathologists can help people who have trouble swallowing too? Dysphagia, or trouble swallowing, is a common problem that can be the result of a range of problems, from stroke, … Continue reading

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Dementia: 3 Tips for Making Mealtime Easier  

When most people think of dementia, they think of memory issues and difficulty communicating. But one of the lesser known difficulties that can accompany Alzheimer’s or dementia is difficulty with eating and swallowing. Last week, we discussed some of the … Continue reading

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Dysphagia: Delicious Dining

Most people are aware that a stroke or other form of neurological damage can affect language and communication. But did you know that trouble swallowing food and liquid is another common result? Difficulty swallowing, or dysphagia, can affect any part … Continue reading

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Dementia: Mealtime Strategies

This month, we’ve been discussing some of the speech, language and swallowing complications that can develop for a person with dementia and how a speech-language pathologist can help. Last week, we delved into some of the specific issues that may … Continue reading

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