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Having Voice Issues? The Reason May Surprise You!

Vocal quality is a significant part of strong communication. Last week, we talked about how a speech-language pathologist can help you develop and maintain your best voice. Today, we’ll discuss some common issues that are often at the root of … Continue reading

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October 22 is Stuttering Awareness Day!

Did you know that over three million Americans stutter? In an effort to bring public attention to stuttering, each year on October 22, organizations around the world observe International Stuttering Awareness Day. In support of this campaign, Speech Associates of … Continue reading

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Aphasia Awareness Month: How a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help!

Did you know that June is National Aphasia Awareness Month? Aphasia is a language disorder caused by neurological damage, like stroke and traumatic brain injury, that results in difficulty producing or understanding language. In support of Aphasia Awareness Month, Speech … Continue reading

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Living with Dysphagia

If you’re like most people, you’ve never put much thought into how you swallow food; for a healthy person, the process happens almost completely automatically. But swallowing actually involves a series of fairly intricate muscular and physical processes. When a … Continue reading

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Childhood Language Delays

Over the past two weeks, we’ve discussed some communication milestones that are common across children as they develop speech language skills. If you’ve noticed that your child is not developing language at a typical pace, you may have some questions … Continue reading

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