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Raising a Bilingual Child: The Silent Period

As the United States becomes increasingly diverse and multicultural, more and more children are being raised bilingual. Last week, we talked about how being bilingual impacts language development. For the majority of children, learning two languages early in life doesn’t … Continue reading

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Selective Mutism and the Bilingual Child

Many children go through a period of shyness, where they’re reluctant to speak to strangers or contribute in class. However, for some children, this reluctance to talk goes beyond typical shyness and becomes a communication disorder: selective mutism.

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Simple Shyness? Or Selective Mutism?

Every parent is familiar with childhood shyness—a child who seems friendly and playful in some situations may suddenly clam up around strangers or large groups of people. While most children will display intermittent shyness at one point, in some cases, … Continue reading

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