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World Alzheimer’s Month: 5 Tips for Connection and Communication

Did you know that September is World Alzheimer’s Month? In order to help increase awareness, we’re dedicating some of this month’s blogs to topics in Alzheimer’s disease. Last week we gave some basic information about the global and national impact … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease: 5 Tips for Caregivers to Improve Communication

Every 67 seconds another person in the United States develops Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s not only irreversibly changes the lives of its victims, but also the lives of their loved ones. Today, in honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we dedicate this … Continue reading

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Help Your Loved One with Dementia Communicate! 3 Easy Tips

As modern medicine continually finds ways to extend the length and quality of life, the number of older adults in the United States has increased significantly. Unfortunately, aging often brings difficulties in speech, language and communication. One of the most … Continue reading

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Robotic Seal Therapy? How Technology is Improving the Lives of People with Dementia  

Did you know that 5.1 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease? As the proportion of the population who is over 65 years old continues to increase, this number continues to grow: by 2025, the number of people with … Continue reading

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Can You Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Did you know that May is Better Speech and Hearing Month? Each year the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) dedicates the month of May to this campaign, designed to raise public awareness of communication disorders: how to identify them, … Continue reading

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Dementia: 3 Tips for Making Mealtime Easier  

When most people think of dementia, they think of memory issues and difficulty communicating. But one of the lesser known difficulties that can accompany Alzheimer’s or dementia is difficulty with eating and swallowing. Last week, we discussed some of the … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month: Feeding and Swallowing Issues

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month! In support of this campaign, Speech Associates of New York has dedicated our blogs for the month of November to raising awareness about this disease, how it can affects the individual and their loved … Continue reading

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