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Could Your Child Be “Twice Exceptional”?

What do you think of when you hear the term “exceptional student”? Interestingly, this phrase can be used both to refer to children who are considered “gifted” or above average intellectually, as well as to refer to children who have … Continue reading

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Could Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills be Holding them Back?

When it comes to school, most parents are concerned with their child studying, and doing their homework to keep up with the classroom material and keep pace with their peers. But sometimes, studying and paying attention in the classroom aren’t … Continue reading

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TBI: 3 Ways a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help!

Did you know that January is National Winter Sport Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness month? Last week we talked about some of the ways you can prevent and identify traumatic brain injury (TBI). Today, we’ll talk about three ways that TBI can … Continue reading

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Keep Your Brain Safe During Winter Fun!  

Winter sports offer a great opportunity to go outside and get active, even when the weather is subzero. Unfortunately, activities like skiing, sledding, and snowboarding come with a high risk of head injury. To raise awareness of this risk, each … Continue reading

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Three New Year’s Resolutions that will Keep Your Voice Happy and Healthy

Many people don’t realize that they have habits that are damaging to their vocal cords until it is too late and they need professional intervention to fix their vocal issues. In 2015, resolve to follow our three vocal hygiene tips … Continue reading

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