5 Ways a Speech Therapist Can Help with Literacy!

Speech Therapy and LiteracyA recent survey found that over 70% of teachers believed that students who received speech therapy services demonstrated improved reading skills in the classroom (ASHA, National Outcome Measurement System). A speech-language pathologist’s training often allows them to identify the root of a reading or writing issue through the child’s difficulty with language, and help the child remediate or compensate for the difficulties.

If your child has difficulty with literacy, summer can be a great opportunity for them to get the extra help they need. What are some ways a speech-language pathologist can help a child with literacy?

  • Early language difficulties are often a precursor to issues with literacy skills. A speech-language pathologist is trained to build and reinforce relationships between early spoken language and early pre-literacy skills.
  • Speech therapists can provide parents with guidance on incorporating reading and literacy skills in day-to-day interactions to help bolster skills.
  • Learning to read entails phonological awareness, or the ability to hear and identify the sounds that make up words. Speech-language pathologists work with children with phonological awareness difficulties and help boost the ability to identify, recall, and retrieve these sounds and link them to written language.
  • A speech therapist may also help a child use different sensory cues in reading and writing, such as auditory or tactile (touch) cues. This can be useful for children who have difficulty learning to read in the traditional manner..
  • Consider which levels of literacy skills are necessary for students at different grade levels, and help to develop strategies for coping with these demands to achieve academic success.

Has your child had difficulty learning to read? What strategies have you found useful in helping your child to bolster their skills? Share your story in the comments section below!

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Source: http://www.asha.org/publications/literacy/

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