Language Milestones: Is Your Child On Target?

Child Language Speech MilestonesEvery parent eagerly awaits their child’s first words. But language development starts long before a child actually learns to talk. From birth, children are born communicators, and develop a range of skills as they grow that contribute to effective language skills. No two children develop in exactly the same way, but there are some stages of communication that occur in a relatively predictable timeframe. This week, we’ll talk about some of the communicative milestones that children typically reach between birth and one year:

Birth to Three Months

       Quiets or smiles when spoken to

       Makes “cooing” or “gooing” sounds

       Cries differently for different needs

Four to Six Months

       Responds to changes in others’ tone of voices

       Begins babbling (e.g. “babababa”)

       Vocalizes excitement and displeasure

Seven Months to One Year

       Recognizes words for common items like “cup”, “shoe”, “book”, or “juice”

       Begins to respond to requests (e.g. “Come here” or “Want more?”)

       Alternates different sounds in babbling (e.g. “didi pupup bababa”)

       Vocalizes to get and keep attention

       Uses gestures to communicate (waving, holding arms to be picked up)

       Has one or two words (hi, dog, dada, mama) around first birthday (sounds may not be clear)

While a delay on any of these milestones doesn’t necessarily reflect a communication disorder, a consultation with a speech-language pathologist can give you more information on whether or not your child is on track. Stay tuned: Next week we’ll discuss speech and language milestones through early childhood.

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