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Language Milestones: What’s Typical in Childhood Development?

A common worry of many parents is whether their child is developing speech and language within the normal timeframe. Although every child develops language in their own way and in their own time, there are some speech, language and communication … Continue reading

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Language Milestones: Is Your Child On Target?

Every parent eagerly awaits their child’s first words. But language development starts long before a child actually learns to talk. From birth, children are born communicators, and develop a range of skills as they grow that contribute to effective language … Continue reading

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What Makes Speech Associates of NY Stand Out from the Crowd?

If you or a loved one is has a disorder which causes difficulty with speech, language or swallowing, finding the right professional to help with your communication needs can be a challenge. Here at Speech Associates of New York, our … Continue reading

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How Can a Speech-Language Pathologist Help You?

Many people only think of speech-language pathologists as working with people who have speech impediments like a lisp or stutter. However, speech-language pathologists are highly trained specialists with the ability to help remediate a wide range of issues that affect … Continue reading

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When should you see a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Many people have heard of speech-language pathology, but aren’t aware of the range of services that they offer. Speech-therapists don’t just work with people who stutter or children with speech impediments. Speech-language pathologists work with anyone who has difficulty with … Continue reading

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