How Do Speech-Language Disorders Affect Learning?

Speech therapy can help your child succeed in school!Communication is a huge part of any academic setting, especially in early childhood and elementary school settings. Children who have speech and language disorders often have a hard time keeping up with their peers, despite having normal non-verbal intelligence. What are some ways that a speech-language disorder can affect academic achievement?

  • Following Directions: Language disorders can make following directions very difficult, especially directions involving multiple steps or many descriptive words.
  • Comprehending Orally Presented Materials: Children with language disorders often have difficulty understanding information presented orally, especially in noisy environments like the classroom.
  • Reading: Children with a language-based learning disorder will often have trouble learning to read, or will read at a level below their age.
  • Memory and Other Cognitive Tasks: Language can have a significant effect on the ability to commit information to memory which can greatly impact academic performance. Deficits in reasoning, problem solving, and organizational tasks may also result from a cognitive communication disorder.
  • Understanding Social Cues: Often children with language disorders have difficulty understanding how to use social cues, and may have difficulty interacting with peers.

Stay tuned: next week we’ll continue the discussion and talk about how a speech-language pathologist can help your child succeed in school!

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