School’s Out! Don’t Let Summer Learning Loss Hold Your Child Back

Studies have shown that during summer break, children often experience a loss of academic skills and knowledge, scoring lower on tests taken at the end of the summer than at the beginning. An academic set-back can be difficult for any child, but for a child who already struggles with language or literacy, it can be devastating. If a child receives speech therapy at school and doesn’t receive it over the summer, this may complicate the matter even further.

• Read! If you have a young child, make time to sit down together and read on a regular basis over the summer. If you come across words your child may not know, have your child try to guess the meaning from the sentence. For older children, encourage solo reading. Go to the library or bookstore and have your child pick out a book that seems interesting to them. Ask questions about the book or have your child describe the plot to you—talking about reading helps reinforce ideas and encourages language skills.

• Learn the Curriculum: Talk to your children’s teachers to find out what topics will be tackled in the coming year. While you certainly don’t need to teach your child the material in advance, providing some light exposure can help prime them for learning. Incorporate math concepts into cooking or play time, or read books that incorporate science or history subjects that will be covered.

• Get Outside Help: If your child receives special services during the school year, like speech or language therapy, you may want to seek an outside professional to provide services over the summer. If possible, have your child’s speech-language pathologist from school speak to their summer provider so they can coordinate on goals and make sure your child is ready to hit the ground running in the fall.

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