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Losing Your Voice? It may not be what you think…

When people develop a hoarse or raspy voice, they may point the finger at several culprits: shouting, talking for an extended period of time, the common cold. But one common source of vocal irritation often gets overlooked: acid reflux. Typically … Continue reading

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Simple Shyness? Or Selective Mutism?

Every parent is familiar with childhood shyness—a child who seems friendly and playful in some situations may suddenly clam up around strangers or large groups of people. While most children will display intermittent shyness at one point, in some cases, … Continue reading

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How Can A Speech Therapist Help Your Child Read?

Often, people think of speech therapists as only helping children learn to speak better. But did you know speech-language pathologists are also trained to help improve literacy and reading skills? A speech pathologist’s specialized skill set can help students to … Continue reading

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School’s Out! Don’t Let Summer Learning Loss Hold Your Child Back

Studies have shown that during summer break, children often experience a loss of academic skills and knowledge, scoring lower on tests taken at the end of the summer than at the beginning. An academic set-back can be difficult for any … Continue reading

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