Can Your Voice Affect Your Image?

Vocal qualityWhen was the last time you thought about your voice? Almost everyone winces when they hear themselves on an answering machine or video recording, thinking Do I really sound like that? But unless there is an obvious problem, most of us simply push the thought out of our mind and move on. However, new research on how vocal quality affects others’ perceptions may make you think twice.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses a study that shows that the quality of your voice has an even stronger impact on how you are perceived than the content of your message. As listeners provided feedback on speakers, it was found that their vocal quality mattered twice as much as the content of the message. The article cites another study as well, which showed that people who heard recordings of rough, weak, strained or breathy voices judged the speakers to be negative, weak, passive or tense. On the other hand, speakers with “normal” voices are seen as successful, sexy, sociable and smart. In addition to discussing how your voice impacts your image, the article also discusses how training from a communication professional can significantly improve your vocal quality and image. Jayne Latz, President of Speech Associates of NY, is featured in the article, discussing how her work as a speech-language pathologist allows people to develop a dynamic, effective vocal quality.

Although people often think of speech therapists as working primarily with speech problems such as stutters or lisps, vocal training is a significant aspect of speech-language pathology. In addition to providing training to prevent and treat the effects of physical issues such as vocal fold nodules and polyps, a speech-language pathologist can also work to modify the quality of a person’s voice. If, for example, a person speaks with an overly breathy or nasal voice, a speech-language pathologist can provide insight into why the voice sounds as it does, and provide strategies and techniques for modifying these qualities.

Want to learn more about how the quality of your voice affects how others perceive you? Click here to read the full article in the Wall Street Journal featuring Speech Associates of NY’s Jayne Latz:

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