April is Autism Awareness Month: Spread the Word!

Autism Awareness MonthDid you know that the prevalence of Autism has risen to 1 in 88 children in America? As this disorder continues to grow, the need for awareness, research, and education grow as well. To help raise awareness about autism, each month April is recognized as World Autism Month by organizations around the globe. In support of this awareness campaign, Speech Associates of New York will dedicate this week’s blog to autism and the impact it can have on communication.

Although autism is a disorder that can vary greatly from person to person, difficulty with language and communicating with others is one of the most common problems. Because of this, a speech-language pathologist is typically a critical part of the autism treatment team. What issues can a speech therapist address?

  • Language in Autism: Children with autism can have a range of linguistic difficulties, ranging from poor vocabulary and difficulty with self-expression to being completely non-verbal. A speech-language pathologist can help a child with autism develop the areas of language that are most challenging for them, and develop strategies to compensate for weaknesses. In extreme cases, a speech-language pathologist may also help the child learn to use an alternate form of communication, such as a picture exchange system.
  • Social Skills: Difficulty with social communication is a classic hallmark of autism. Aspects of communication which come naturally to most, such as reading facial expressions, choosing appropriate conversational topics, or taking turns in conversation can be challenging to a child with autism. Speech therapy can break down these complicated issues, providing the child with techniques to navigate the complicated world of social language.

A speech-language pathologist can make a world of difference to a child with autism and their family. But early intervention is key; if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with autism, contact a speech-language pathologist and learn more about services. For information on our New York based Speech-Language Pathology services, please call Speech Associates of New York today at (212)308-7725 or visit our website at www.speechassociatesofny.com and find out how our team of professionally trained and certified speech-language pathologists can help!

Are you a part of a community recognizing World Autism Awareness Month? What is your group doing to help raise awareness? Share your story in our comments section. For more great ideas on how you can raise awareness, check out the Autism Society’s webpage: http://www.autism-society.org/about-us/national-autism-awareness-month/

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