Speech-Language Therapy outside the School

Often when a child has difficulty with speech or language, school services are the first line of defense. Speech-language pathology services offered in schools are often an exceptional option: they are cost effective and are focused on the child’s academic achievement. However, there are many cases in which speech-language therapy is warranted, but school-based services aren’t necessarily the best option.

One reason a speech or language disorder may not be treated within the school setting is that it is not viewed as directly affecting the child’s ability to achieve academically. This is often the case with articulation disorders, such as a lisp. A child who is having difficulty pronouncing certain speech sounds, but is otherwise performing well in school may not be provided speech therapy services. However, although the articulation disorder may not directly affect academic performance, it can cause other issues which prevent a child from attaining their potential in school. Often an articulation disorder can breed feelings of shame or embarrassment, causing a child to participate less in the classroom. Over time, low self-esteem and social difficulties may occur as well. In these cases, seeking speech-language therapy services outside of the school may be a valid option.

Difficulty with pragmatic or social use of language is also a common reason to seek speech-language therapy services outside of the school. As with articulation disorders, the social use of language may not be viewed as directly affecting academic achievement. However, the ability to use language appropriately in the classroom and with peers is essential to forming relationships and communicating effectively. If these skills aren’t learned, the effects can often be felt throughout an individual’s life, causing difficulty in professional and personal relationships. In seeking private speech-language therapy, a speech-language pathologist can work with a child one-to-one and target their specific areas of difficulty to create a personalized therapy plan.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty with speech, language, or swallowing, contact Speech Associates of New York today to find a professional speech-language pathologist who can help you or your loved one communicate to the fullest. Remember, early intervention is the key to maintaining and developing strong communication skills. Call us today at (212) 308-7725 or visit our website at www.speechassociatesofny.com.

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