The Speech-Language Therapy Evaluation

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty with speech (pronunciation), language (the words they are using to say what they want to say), or any aspect of communication, you may want to consider seeking the services of a speech-language pathologist. The first step to receiving speech therapy services is arranging an evaluation with a licensed speech-language therapist. For many, an assessment may seem stressful. However, knowing what to expect can make things easier. So what is included in a typical speech-language therapy evaluation?

Upon making the appointment, the speech-language pathologist will need to obtain information about your background and the issue you’re experiencing. It is important to provide this information as accurately and with as much detail as possible. This allows the speech therapist to organize the evaluation in the most efficient and effective way possible for you as an individual. When you arrive, the speech therapist will most likely begin the evaluation by conducting a short interview, getting to know you a little better and gaining more detail about the information that you provided.

A speech-language therapy evaluation will typically consist of formal and informal measures. Formal measures are often standardized assessments that allow the speech-language pathologist to quantify your performance in a given area in a concrete manner. Informal measures often include conversation samples, observation, and playful interactions, particularly when working with young children. While informal measures may look like “just playing”, they are, in fact, a way to obtain critical information about a child’s communication that often can’t be assessed by formal, standardized assessments.

After the evaluation is complete, the speech therapist will discuss their findings and recommend whether or not speech therapy is warranted. They will also indicate the recommended frequency and duration of therapy, as well as some suggested goals to address.

Remember: the most important part of a speech-language pathology evaluation is making the appointment! Don’t put it off—contact Speech Associates of New York today to find a professional speech-language pathologist who can help you or your loved one communicate to the fullest. Remember, early intervention is the key to maintaining and developing strong communication skills. Call us today at (212) 308-7725 and find out how we can help you communicate your best!

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