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National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Each November, the Alzheimer’s Association heads a campaign to raise public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease with National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. In honor of their efforts, this month Speech Associates of New York will focus our blog on different aspects … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing Disorder: Part 3

Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed sensory integration disorder, a disorder that can affect communication by causing difficulty for the individual in processing different sensory stimuli in the environment. In our last blog, we discussed the challenges of children … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing Disorder: Part 2

Last week we introduced our blog series on sensory integration difficulties, a type of disorder marked by difficulty integrating information experienced through the five senses. Some individuals with sensory processing disorder may be hypersensitive to certain sensations and experience an … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing Disorder

From the time we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep again at night, we are subjected to a constant stream of sensory information. Sounds, smells, tastes, touch—most of us encounter this input and for the most part, … Continue reading

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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

In recent years, diagnoses of autism have increased to alarmingly high numbers. While autism can vary greatly in its severity, it often impacts an individual’s social and communicative functioning. In severe cases, an individual with autism may be completely non-verbal. … Continue reading

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