International Stuttering Awareness Day: Part 2

This coming Monday, October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day. In support of this annual campaign conducted by the Stuttering Foundation of America, this week Speech Associates of NY will dedicate this week’s blog to part 2 of our series on speech disfluencies.

For those who stutter, their disfluency can become much more than a simple hiccup in their speech. Because communication plays such a large role in our lives, a stutter can have a significant impact on an individual’s social interactions and negatively affect academic and professional achievement if it isn’t addressed head-on. For this reason, many who stutter seek the services of a speech-language pathologist.

What exactly can someone who stutters expect from speech therapy? Overall, the broad goal is to become comfortable in communicating with others. How this goal is achieved may vary significantly depending on the therapist. Often, the goal is simply to assist the individual in overcoming any fear or discomfort that they experience in relation to their stutter. This can help the person say what they want to say, when they want to say it, to whomever they want to say it, regardless of whether they stutter or not.

Another goal of speech therapy for those who stutter can be to decrease the frequency of stuttering, by identifying when a stutter is about to happen and developing speech techniques to prevent the occurrence of the disfluency or lessen its severity. Yet another goal may be to modify the characteristics of the stutter itself, decreasing the physical tension of the moment of stuttering, as well as any secondary characteristics that may accompany the disfluency, such as blinking or twitching.

Do you stutter or have a close friend or family member who does? Share your experiences with speech therapy in our comments section!

If you feel you may benefit from the services of a speech-language pathologist, give us a call! At Speech Associates of New York, our team of professionally trained and certified speech-language pathologists provide in-home evaluations and therapy. Each of our professionals is trained in the assessment and treatment of a range of pediatric and adult speech, language and communication disorders. Call us today at (212)308-7725 and find out how we can help you communicate your best!

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