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Dining with Dysphagia

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Pragmatics: Part 2

Last week we discussed the ins and outs of pragmatics, or the social use of language. Pragmatic skills come more or less naturally to the majority of people. However, certain types of disorders and injuries can make it difficult to … Continue reading

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Often we think of language as only the sounds, words, and messages that we speak or write. However, there’s another important aspect to language that we often overlook: pragmatics. Pragmatics, or the ability to use language in social situations, is … Continue reading

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Stuttering: Approximation and Stabilization

Over the past few weeks, we’ve addressed the topic of fluency disorders and some of the different ways that speech-language pathologists may address the problem. Today we conclude our series with the final steps of stuttering modification therapy: approximation and … Continue reading

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