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Stuttering: Stuttering Modification Therapy

Stuttering is a complicated disorder that can cause significant damage to a person’s ability to communicate clearly and with confidence. Today we’ll continue our series on different types of stuttering therapy with a look at what is considered “traditional stuttering … Continue reading

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Stuttering: Fluency Shaping

Last week we introduced the topic of different approaches to stuttering therapy, focusing on how counseling and working on confidence in speech, with or without a stutter, is often a key component. Today, we’ll focus on a different aspect of … Continue reading

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Stuttering: Approaches to Treatment

A stutter can be an extremely difficult obstacle in any child’s life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a common therapy goal for children who stutter and their families is increased fluency of speech. However, attempting to eliminate a stutter is … Continue reading

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Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

Although most children learn to produce and understand language with almost no formal instruction, some children seem to lag behind in these skills in relation to the rest of their development. Issues with language development can be roughly divided into … Continue reading

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Peer Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders

A common problem with young children on the autistic spectrum is finding ways to help them gain the social experience they will need as they continue in the social and academic world. Because language and innate social skills are typically … Continue reading

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