Common Speech Issues: Young Adults

The road from childhood to adulthood is notoriously bumpy. One common obstacle along the way is learning to express yourself in a more mature, confident manner. Often, the young adult’s speech and communication skills lag behind their actual thoughts and ideas. A speech-language pathologist, or speech therapist, is the ideal professional to help bridge this gap as a personal and professional speech coach.

Common issues for young adults include mumbling, speaking too quickly, speaking too softly, using slang and fillers, projecting an overall lack of confidence, and difficulty with public speaking. A speech therapist or speech coach possesses the skills that will be utilized during an initial evaluation, pinpointing the specific areas of speech and communication that need to be targeted. Then, a program tailored to the individual is devised to help improve their communication skills and shape a more confident, efficient way of speaking.

Although subpar communication skills is a common problem in young adults and teenagers, it is not one to be ignored. Increased academic demands, college interviews, and entry to the professional world all make strong communication skills a necessity. If you or someone close to you needs to strengthen their speech and communication skills, don’t hesitate: contact a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist today. Remember: the key to long lasting improvement is early intervention. Visit our website at to discover how our team of professionals can help you communicate to your fullest!

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