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When most people think of issues with fluency of speech, stuttering is the first thing to come to mind. However, there is another common fluency disorder which receives far less attention: cluttering. Cluttering does not necessarily involve repetitions of words … Continue reading

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What is Non-Verbal Learning Disorder?

Learning disorders are one of the most common difficulties seen in school age children. Almost one million children ages six through twenty-one have some sort of learning disability and receive special education in school. While some of these disorders are … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Speech-Language Pathology Consultation

If you or a loved one are finding that you have difficulty with speech, communication, or swallowing, an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (also known as a speech therapist) may be in order. However, a lot of people have difficulty … Continue reading

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What is Selective Mutism?

Many children are reluctant to speak in certain situations—unfamiliar people or situations can often create shyness and make a child quieter than usual. However, in some cases, this goes beyond simple shyness and becomes a disorder known as selective mutism. … Continue reading

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