Speech-Language Pathology and Literacy

Did you know that speech-language pathologists can help with literacy difficulties? A speech-language pathologist will often work with school-aged children to help identify literacy issues and assist students in developing key language skills necessary for reading and writing.

How can a speech-language pathologist assist a child in the development of literacy skills?

-A speech-language pathologist will perform an assessment to on a child with possible literacy deficits to determine if intervention is necessary and if so, what type of strategies and tools would best assist the child in developing the skills they need.

-Often, a speech pathologist may assist with development of phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is the understanding and awareness of the sound structure of a word. Developing strong phonological awareness skills are a key step to improving literacy.

-Consider which levels of literacy skills are necessary for students at different grade levels, and help to develop strategies for coping with these demands to achieve academic success.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a communication disorder, contact Speech Associates of New York today to find a professional speech-language pathologist who can help you communicate to your fullest. Remember, early intervention is the key to maintaining and developing strong communication skills.

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